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Majority of the middle eastern countries seems to be the grey area for Indian Passport holders, all the more because of the increasing sociopolitical tension. I recently visited Jordan and was bombarded with tonnes of questions. The two most asked questions were: ‘Is it safe for tourist?’ you can read it all on my previous blog (Jordan – Land of hospitality) and ‘Is it difficult for Indians to get a visa?’. Here I am addressing the second most asked question.

A lot of travellers have expressed the difficulty in obtaining a Jordanian visa, the blog will tell you the requirements and my experience of obtaining a visa on arrival for Jordan. But before I jump on to that, I would like to write a bit about Jordan Pass – A must if you are planning to visit Petra.

All You Need to Know About Jordan Pass

Jordan pass is a ‘unified ticket’ that help one save a lot of costs while visiting this wonderful country. It is tailor-made for all kinds of travellers and can be modified as well. The Jordan pass comes in three categories to suit all kinds of visits. The package you choose depends on the number of days you wish to spend exploring Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encompasses a breathtaking landscape of pink-hued rock mountain carved into the rock more than 2,000 years ago. (Read more on Petra)

Cost for Jordan Pass

  1. Wanderer: Cost 77 JD (99 USD)- Includes entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan and 1-day entry to Petra.
  2. Jordan Explorer: Cost 75 JD (106 USD)- Includes entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan and 2-day entry to Petra.
  3. Jordan Expert: Cost 80 JD (113 USD)- Includes entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan and 3-day entry to Petra.

The cost of entry in any site in Jordan range from 3 JD to 10 JD, however the same shoots up to a whopping 50 JD for 1 day visit to Petra and goes up to 60 JD for a 3-day visit. The pass does not only help save a lot of money on Petra’s admission fee it also waives off Tourist Visa fee if you are staying in Jordan for more than 3 nights.
I saved a total of 60 JD by purchasing the Jordan Pass. You can purchase it from their official website.

How to Score a Jordan Tourist Visa

Visa on Arrival (Along with Jordan Pass)

I was extremely sceptical of this option and confused, honestly, the web is filled with confusing statements. Some Indian passport holders had a difficult time while others did not. Some were asked to produce a USD 1000 in cash while others were not asked for it.
Indian passport holders are eligible for visa on arrival to Jordan provided they carry all the necessary documentation.

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Print out of Jordan Pass receipt
  • Confirmed Return Flight Tickets
  • Hotel bookings for the duration of the entire trip
  • Cash or Traveller Cheques worth at least USD 1000 per person. If you intend to stay for 14 days, you should show USD 2000 per person.

In addition, it is safe to mention that you are carrying International debit and credit cards to substantiate your financial sufficiency.
Fees: No additional charge (if you do not have Jordan Pass, the cost is JD 40)
The validity of Visa: Stay of 14 days inside Jordan

Tourists Visa from Jordan Embassy in India

This is the safest option to get a tourist visa to Jordan, especially if you have it all planned and have enough time in hand. All you got to do is: go to the nearest embassy along with the following documents and wait.

  • Duly completed and signed application form
  • One passport size photograph with white background
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Photocopy of your passport front and back pages
  • Confirmed Return Flight Tickets
  • Hotel bookings for the duration of the trip
  • Tour Itinerary
  • Original bank statement for 6 months

Fees: 124 JD
The validity of Visa: Stay of 14 days inside Jordan
Processing Time: 3 to 5 working days

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  • January 16, 2018

    For a Visa on arrival be it with or without the Jordan pass, we have to show that we are carrying 1000USDollars in Cash or traveller cheques per person?


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