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What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from December to March on the west and south coasts and from April to September on the east coast, offering sunny days and minimal rainfall. Yet, keep in mind that Sri Lanka’s tropical climate can bring unexpected weather patterns. With the effects of global warming and climate change, be prepared for surprises during your visit.

What are the must-visit places in Sri Lanka?

There are so many amazing places to visit in Sri Lanka. If I were to share my top suggestions then- don’t miss the ancient fortress of the cultural triangle, the scenic beauty of Ella, the wildlife at Yala National Park, the stunning beaches of Mirrisa and the historic charm of Galle. 

What currency is used in Sri Lanka, and how do I exchange money?

The Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) is the currency used in Sri Lanka. Exchange money at banks, or authorized exchange offices for the best rates. Avoid exchanging money at the airport, they don’t provide the best rates. 

What are the transportation options in Sri Lanka?

Transportation options in Sri Lanka include the ever-so-fun tuk-tuks for short trips. Buses and taxis for longer journeys. And trains for the most scenic routes.

How many days should I spend in Sri Lanka?

During my 15-day adventure in Sri Lanka, I realized that there’s so much to explore in this vibrant country that even two weeks wasn’t enough! For those planning a shorter trip, I highly recommend allocating 7 to 10 days for an ideal visit. This timeframe strikes the perfect balance, allowing you to experience the highlights of Sri Lanka without feeling rushed.

Is 7 days enough to travel around Sri Lanka?

7 days is sufficient to explore Sri Lanka’s highlights but prioritise your must-see attractions in Sri Lanka for a fulfilling experience. I’ve created a perfect 7-day Sri Lanka itinerary, it’s great for first-time visitors. But if you wish to get a customised itinerary, get in touch! 

How do I get around within cities in Sri Lanka?

Getting around cities in Sri Lanka is easy with tuk-tuks, buses, and taxis readily available for convenient transportation.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Sri Lanka?

Tap water is not safe to drink in Sri Lanka. Stick to bottled or filtered water for drinking purposes in Sri Lanka.

What are the traditional dishes I should try in Sri Lanka?

Some must-try local Sri Lankan dishes are kottu roti, rice and curry, hoppers, stuffed roti and Ceylon tea. 

Can I use my credit/debit cards in Sri Lanka or carry cash?

While credit/debit cards are accepted in big cities in Sri Lanka, carry cash for smaller purchases and in more remote areas.

What are the accommodations like in Sri Lanka?

Accommodations in Sri Lanka offer a wide variety, from luxurious beach resorts to cosy guesthouses and eco-friendly lodges. Find the best deals and cheapest hotels in Sri Lanka. 

Are there any specific dress codes I should follow in certain areas of Sri Lanka?

When visiting religious sites, it’s respectful to cover up, so bring along a lightweight scarf or shawl to adhere to local customs.

What are the popular festivals and events in Sri Lanka?

Don’t miss festivals like the Esala Perahera in Kandy and the Sinhala and Tamil New Year to experience Sri Lanka’s vibrant culture and traditions.