Prague Guide

Prague travel guide

Prague happens to be the fourth most visited city in Europe. The city is full of life. And I would urge you to spend anything between 5 days to a week to experience this city. Here is a guide to help you plan your travel to Prague.

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A love letter to Prague

Dear Prague, When did this even happen? When did I fall so deeply in love with you? Right before I met you I was still dreaming of Salzburg, how I needed to go back to that wonderful city. How I shouldn’t have been the Cinderella I was. But I guess, everything happens for a reason. […]

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Punakha scenery


This sleepy old town in Bhutan has way more to offer than you can imagine.

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Bhutan Planning Guide

Bhutan Planning Guide

If you are an Indian passport holder then this blog has pretty much every question answered!

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Visit Phobjika Valley Gangtey

Gangtey: Where you can hear silence.

Imagine a place where you can hear silence. A place where the black majestic mountains stand all around you. Golden wet-land for as far as you can see. Occasional singing of birds breaks the silence. Silence so strong that even you would want to talk less or not at all.

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Bhutanese Food Guide

Bhutan Food and Drinks Guide ​: Vegetarian Edition

A complete guide of top 10 must have vegetarian dishes when in Bhutan. Along with list of my favourite alcoholic beverages.

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Wadi Rum Jordan

Of sand dune, open sky and content

“They told me not to visit this country. Not solo at least. I should really have listened to them”, I think to myself walking my way through the canyon trail. He had said it is a medium level hike, but the winter chill is not helping and on top of that my growling stomach. I […]

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Masinagudi cottage

Masinagudi – A Jungle Retreat

“.. As our jeep went deeper into the jungle, we reached the seashore. Thick dense jungle on one side, a long white sandy beach on the other. Water crystal clear and it stretched as far as one could see. Just when we thought it could not turn any magical, we spot a tiger sleeping on […]

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Traveling thailand

Thailand – Backpackers​ Mecca

Thailand – the land of smiles, backpackers mecca and in most cases entry point if you are on the banana pancake trail.

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A glimpse of Jordan

Welcome to Jordan! This country is as much yours as mine. Have a great time” Said the owner of Hashem Restaurant in Amman and I could have never felt safer.

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