Vietnam like many other South East Asian countries have been a backpacker’s go to place since time immemorial, owing to its budget friendly tag. As it saw the increasing influx of backpackers a number of accommodation cropped up, you can easily find a dorm room as low as $5 for a night including breakfast, all these accommodation have WiFi and other basic facilities. But, do your research well before booking a place because it may be the least expensive accommodation yet lack some comfort\safety. Below are a few recommendations for 4 cities in Vietnam.

  1. Ho Chi Minh City:

Finding a budget friendly accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City is not a difficult at all, thanks to the ‘backpackers area’ which, as the name suggests, an area in district one which is dotted with budget accommodations all over. You will find dorms anywhere between $5 to $10 per night and private rooms between $12-$15. This area proves to be the best place to stay not just because of the pocket friendly accommodation but also due to the proximity of all the major attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, moreover the streets of the backpacker area is the best place to meet fellow travelers. Some of my recommendations:

  1. Phong Nha Ke Bang:

Phong Nha became a tourist attraction only recently, it still has a number of budget accommodations available. Some tourists book a place in Dong Hoi (closest city) but the city is not as close as it appears to be, travelling back and forth from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha can take up a considerate amount of time energy and money. Hence it is always a good idea to book one of the accommodations that are in Phong Nha itself.  I highly recommend Easy Tigers- it is pocket friendly with just $7\dorm bed, the staff is extremely helpful, they conduct an informative session every morning in the common area which is very interesting and can help you plan your itinerary while in Phong Nha, the otherwise deserted common area turns into a party by the night with; live music, chef’s special and fellow travelers. Another (slightly expensive) option is the Phong Nha Farmstay, it is surrounded by the paddy fields and by far the best place to stay if you are looking for some relaxing time by the countryside.

Easy Tigers

Easy Tigers

  1. Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island is one of the lesser visited places in Vietnam, travellers generally this and go for an expensive tour to Ha Long Bay, thinking it is difficult to reach the island, however that is not the case. There are a number of hotels and inns at cat ba, you may not find a comfortable dorm but a room costs just $6 (in low season) which is cheaper than the dorms in many cities. If you want a room with a view\balcony you would have shell a few extra dollars. There are many budget friendly junks available, however the services on these junks may not be upto the mark, it is always safe to invest a few more dollars than have rodents ruin your trip if you wish to stay in a junk.  My recommendation: Cat Ba Backpackers Hostel; it is right on the harbour, clean and the staff is very helpful.

  1. Hanoi

Just like Ho Chi Minh City this bustling capital city of Vietnam has a number of accommodation near the city center (old quarters) and many other throughout the city. Majority of them have a couple of hostels in Hanoi and all offer competitive rates, some of them also operate tours to Ha Long Bay\Sapa and a number of other getaways from the city and expect you to book it with them on non-compliance they may cause distress- check this before booking. I would recommend Vietnam Backpackers Hostel they have a branch in Downtown and the other in Old Quarters are extremely clean, offer the very well known – castaway tours along with many other exciting tours, the food and drinks may appear to be a tad bit overpriced but there is always an option of eating out also the many offers on drinks make it cheap by the night.
If I missed out on some feel free to mention them in the comment 🙂

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