Staycation explained! Why is it trending in times of COVID-19?

Staycation explained

This pandemic has been a slippery slope for most of us! One minute we were participating in a 1-minute push-up challenge, baking banana bread, playing ludo online and the other we are struggling to go by our days! Gone are the days when we craved for work from homes, and with coronavirus in the picture it’s as if we are living at work. What’s worse? We can’t even turn to the ultimate holy grail that has the power to take us out of such distress. You know what are we talking about, don’t you? Travel! *Sigh!* But, not all hope is lost! While we cannot revel at the beaches of Thailand, we still have our very own Goa. So what if we aren’t able to spot the king of the jungle in South Africa, we still have our queen in Ranthambore. Move over tacos from Mexico, bring me a plate of that aloo tikki chaat from Delhi. *Sigh!* Well, this time it’s a sigh of relief, while we cannot go on an international trip. We still have an option to explore our backyard – let’s go on a staycation, shall we? 

What is a staycation? 

Staycation – /steɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ – the trend that has been taking the travel industry by a storm. We all must have heard it, but what exactly is a staycation? Staycation is a slow and sustainable tourism practice that pushes you to travel close to your home. Think of it this way you decided to ‘stay’ at a property and ‘vacation’, that means you are on a staycation! It can be as near to your home and as far away as you’d like it to be. Booking a BnB in the outskirts of the city, a sprawling hotel in the city or even a resort which is a short drive away from your city – all of this counts as a staycation. 

Now, we understand that many of us travel to get out of our comfort zone, some travel to explore a new culture, new food, unknown lands. So, how can it be the same? 

How do you feel after taking a holiday? Relaxed? More creative? Energized? Imagine all that without having to go through the hassle of planning and coordinating the things to do! There you have it, a staycation. Think of it as a quick break to free from the mundane till you can take a longer break! 

Why should I go on a staycation? 

While staycation is a great idea all year round, there can’t be a better time than now especially with travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19. 

The pandemic fatigue is real, we all have had our fair share of stress both personal and professional. The lack of outdoors in our life has taken a toll on both mental and physical health. As the governing bodies relax some of the restrictions, travel is opening slowly. Leaving us with the best way to rejuvenate – by taking a staycation.

What to do on a Staycation?

Looks like you are on board with the idea! So let us make this fun. Now that you have picked up a stay what exactly do you do there? Do you know what we love about a staycation? The fact that it is a vacation without an agenda and yet it delivers you the much-needed calm. Here are some simple things to consider on your next Staycation: 

Go off the grid: 

One of my key elements for a perfect staycation is to disconnect! Turn off your phone. Do a social media detox. Ignore your emails. After all, the best way to unwind is to slow down and embrace the present, isn’t it? 

Cross Something Off Your Bucket List:

It’s the perfect time to do everything you just couldn’t find time to otherwise! Do a campfire with your family and tell fun stories under the stars, maybe take that yoga workshop you always wanted to, or learn a dance sequence, perhaps try hiking in the outdoors? Find something! Anything! And have fun while you are at it because once you are back to the grind chances are you won’t find the time.

Indulge in some Me-time: 

Is it even a staycation if you haven’t had me-time? So go ahead and steal some time for yourself! Relax by the pool, sleep in till late, or get up early to cook! Read. Write. Spend time with your loved ones! Simply refresh. Long term travel may give you a travel burnout, but staycation? It only re-energizes the soul.

Be a Tourist in Your City

When was the last time you looked at your city as a “destination”? Perhaps never! The beauty of our backyard often goes unnoticed due to stress and the power of habit. Change that! Wander in the bylanes of your city or explore the historical sites, there is so much to offer. Just be wary of all the rules and restrictions as detailed by the governing authorities while you are at it. 

Exploring your surroundings will give you a new appreciation for where you live, and planning a staycation can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Have you booked a staycation yet?

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