Welcome to operated by Khyati Maloo, referred to as “The Itinerary Whisperer”. Our registered office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra-93. acts solely as an agent for facilitating travel-related services such as customised itineraries and recommended accommodations, tours and activities. We are not responsible for any breach of contract, intentional or careless actions, or omissions on the part of suppliers, which may result in loss, damage, delay, or injury to travelers or their companions.

We shall not be liable for injuries, damages, or losses resulting from terrorist activities, social unrest, mechanical failures, diseases, local laws, weather conditions, or any other factors beyond our control. Travelers are responsible for verifying passport, visa, and vaccination requirements, as well as safety and security conditions at destinations.

By embarking on travel arranged through our platform, travellers voluntarily assume all risks involved, whether expected or unexpected. We advise travellers to obtain appropriate insurance coverage. Retaining tickets or reservations after issuance constitutes consent to this disclaimer.

Disclaimer for Custom Itinerary Service

Traveler Disruption:

We reserve the right to accept or cancel reservations for travellers joining escorted groups at our discretion. We prioritize the best interests of all travellers and may cancel reservations for disruptive behaviour, with clients held responsible for any penalties incurred.

Natural Disasters, Political Instability, etc.:

Cancellation due to forces of nature or traveller safety concerns does not warrant indemnity. Modifications to itineraries may occur, subject to our discretion and supplier availability. We are not liable for changes due to civil or religious events, strikes, or demonstrations.

Hotel Accommodation:

Accommodation arrangements are subject to availability and hotel discretion. While we endeavour to provide accurate information, we are not liable for errors or omissions. Travelers should inquire about specific features critical to their vacation.


Delays, alterations, or substitutions may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. We do not accept liability for transportation company failures. Itineraries are subject to alteration at our discretion.

Passport and Visa:

Travellers are responsible for valid passports and visas. We recommend consulting relevant consulates or embassies prior to travel.

Travel Insurance:

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover unforeseen events. Insurance may not cover pre-existing conditions or have other restrictions.

Other Responsibilities:

Prices are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Matters between the Travel Agency and travellers are subject to the laws of the United States of America.

Disclaimer for Hosted Group Trips

Booking and Payment: By booking a trip with us, you agree to comply with the booking terms and payment deadlines specified in the itinerary. Full payment is required by 15th July, and failure to meet this deadline may result in cancellation of your reservation.

Cancellation and Refunds: Cancellation policies vary depending on the timing of cancellation and the nature of the trip. Please refer to the specific cancellation policy outlined in your booking confirmation for details. Refunds, if applicable, will be processed according to the terms specified in the cancellation policy.

Liability Disclaimer: We assume no liability for any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property incurred during the trip. Participants are responsible for obtaining appropriate travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or loss of belongings.

Health and Safety: Participants are advised to consult with their healthcare provider before travelling to ensure they are fit for the trip, especially if they have any pre-existing medical conditions. It is the responsibility of participants to adhere to health and safety guidelines and to exercise caution during the trip.

Itinerary Changes: The itinerary is subject to change due to factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances, or operational requirements. We will make reasonable efforts to notify participants of any itinerary changes in advance and provide suitable alternatives.

Travel Documents and Requirements: Participants are responsible for ensuring they have valid passports, visas, and any other required travel documents for entry into South Korea. It is the responsibility of participants to check and comply with the entry requirements for South Korea.

Responsibility of Participants: Participants are responsible for their behaviour, actions, and compliance with local laws and regulations during the trip. We encourage participants to respect the customs, culture, and traditions of the destinations visited and to behave responsibly at all times.

Force Majeure Clause: In the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters, civil unrest, or government regulations, that may affect the trip, we reserve the right to modify the itinerary, accommodations, or other arrangements as necessary. Participants will be notified of any changes, and we will make reasonable efforts to assist with cancellations or rescheduling.

Privacy Policy: We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Your personal information will be handled securely and in accordance with applicable data protection laws. By booking a trip with us, you consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information for the purpose of organizing the trip.

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