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“Welcome to my country! Hope you have a great time” “Indian? Indians are the best people I met” “Welcome to Jordan! Don’t worry be happy” “Welcome! Would you like to have some tea?” Welcome, welcome, welcome! I have not felt so welcomed anywhere to date. Yes, interestingly enough not even in all the states of my own country. The warmth with which Jordanians welcome you was a big take away from the trip. So if you are planning to explore Jordan, you are in the right place! 

Jordan is an Arab country towards the east of Jordan river. Dotted with thousands of archaeological sites right from Palaeolithic age, Jordan is a heaven for history buffs. All these sites have traces of Greek, Christian, Muslim, Roman architectural styles- showcasing architectural marvels from over the world. Right from the ancient city of Jerash, the mosaic town of Madaba, the lost city of Petra to numerous castles, churches and carvings on the caves.

Jordan is more than 80% desert, still, has a lot more to showcase – hills in the north, dramatic red sand in the centre, beautiful coral down south, volcanic basalt in the east. The cliffs in the Jordan Valley, the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea, the dramatic desert of Wadi Rum and aquatic beauty of the Red sea – there is a lot to choose from, none of which would disappoint. I bet you are all pumped up to explore Jordan, already! 

In my blogs, I take you through my journey. Right from the guide to visit Jordan that answers all your questions about planning the trip. To individual blogs which detail out all the locations, I have been to. What more? I have an exclusive guide to being vegetarian in Jordan and the perfect 8-day itinerary! So go ahead, explore Jordan through my eyes!

Best books to read before visiting Jordan
Married to A Bedouin, Marguerite van Geldermasen
The Language of Baklava, Diana Abu-Jaber
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E. Lawrence
Lawerence in Arabia, Scott Anderson
Desert Queen, Janet Wallach
Our Last Best Chance, King Abdullah II
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