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Freedom is realising that everything you need, anywhere in the world, can fit in a backpack which can replace all of the other weight on your shoulders. I realised this on my first solo backpacking trip to Vietnam in 2014. With every subsequent trip came new learning,

The years pass faster than you think. Take risks now, when you still have your health and some courage
It is impossible to watch a sunset and not dream
Better an oops than a what if
It is good to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times

All of these are great learnings. But, do you know what the best thing about travel? I mean, beyond the obvious. Yes, I am asking you to look beyond the memories we make while travelling, even beyond the dozen of Instagram worthy photographs and event the satisfaction of getting away from the mundane. I am pressing you to dig deeper. Travel is my muse. The best thing about travelling is that it stirs up a zillion of emotions in me, then all I need is some good coffee and words come pouring onto the paper.

This is Of Miles and Musings, where I try and bring to you the best of my travel experiences. On this blog, you will find comprehensive planning guides, and you will also stumble upon personal excerpts from my trip.

You will also come across some of my reflections. Like the love letter to my favourite city, how solo travel taught me to trust, how the quest of finding the best artisanal coffee led me closer to the Malaysian culture.
Hope you got the taste of it!

Once again, welcome to my blog. Hope it helps your plan your miles and inspires you to scribble your musings.

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Wanderlust consumed her. Foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her. She has a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope of the unknown.

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