I’m Khyati Maloo, the heart behind this travel blog. Since my first solo trip to Vietnam in 2015, I’ve explored 22 countries, and now I’m turning my passion into personalized travel planning.

In November 2023, I launched my custom itinerary business, curating 20+ trips tailored just for you. Casual browser or serious adventurer, my blog is filled with fun stories, handy tips, and travel humour. We’ll master budget-friendly trips, uncover hidden gems, and indulge in delicious local vegetarian and vegan treats.

And if you are here for the custom travel itinerary, forget the typical travel agent route – my itineraries are all about YOU. No cookie-cutter holidays here, we’re talking tailor-made, down to your dietary preferences. This is YOUR adventure. Fill out a quick form, and let’s make your dream trip happen.

With my globetrotting background, your adventure is in good hands. Ready to make memories? Let’s go explore!

Get Your Custom Travel Itinerary

Let me infuse some warmth and heart into your travel plan!

Why settle for a cold, calculating machine to be your trip planner?
Or worst! feel like a passenger on your adventure.
Get the personalized touch of a human planner who will craft a holiday itinerary that’s uniquely YOU!

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