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Pondicherry- A getaway

Who knows the flower best? The one who has read about it in books, or the one who finds it out in the wild?
And while I sat at the rock beach, it hit me that THIS is the Bay Of Bengal that I kept reading about in my geography and history classes, it was not just a point on a map anymore – I knew it better than just literature and books.

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TEDx Bhilwara Salon- Of making connections and inspiring the community

On 7th November we held a small gathering of 30+, enthusiastic bunch of attendees. The idea was to meet like minded people, watch TED talks and discuss them further. End result? – A Saturday well spent with 30+ heads brimming with enthusiasm and ideas in-order to be the change they want to see. We were […]

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The curious case of money and travel

A couple of days back I came across an article on my Facebook news-feed wherein the author focused on how ‘do not worry about money just travel’ is the worst advice of all time and stereotyped travelling to be for the ‘privileged ones.’ My purpose of writing this blog is not to critically evaluate the […]

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