Tromsø’s Best Self-Drive Northern Lights Spots


Dive into Tromsø’s Aurora Trails with my awesome downloadable private Google map! You won’t find these Northern Lights spots anywhere on the internet! Trust me on that. On top of it, you’ll be saving over $250 compared to those pricey guided tours. Whether you’re up for spots right by the city or a short jaunt away, this map’s got you covered. Let the chasing begin?



Save USD 250+ with my one-of-a-kind private map of Tromsø’s best Northern Lights self-drive spots.

Why Choose My Self-Drive Northern Light Map?

  • Handpicked Locations: I’ve cherry-picked the best spots for primo aurora viewing.
  • Easy Navigation: Seamlessly explore with Google Maps integration – no wrong turns here!
  • Tips: Get the scoop on must-haves for the ultimate aurora experience.
  • Flexibility: Cruise at your own pace and on your own time – it’s your aurora safari!

Who is This Self-Drive Northern Light Map For?

  • Adventurous Travelers: If you’re all about unique and unforgettable experiences, this map’s for you.
  • Photography Enthusiasts: Snap those jaw-dropping aurora shots in the perfect locations.
  • Independent Explorers: Enjoy the freedom of charting your course – the aurora’s your guide!
  • Nature Lovers: Experience the Arctic landscape & get cosy under the night sky.

Bypass tour packages and experience the thrill of the aurora borealis chase on your terms.