With smart phones and smarter applications we are always surrounded by the *click**click* of our phone cameras during every gathering. And what follows? “Hey send me those pictures na” “Dude who clicked the pictures that night, I don’t have single one” “Listen please share all the pictures with me over e-mail” we all know the drill. So in the middle of this chaotic photo sharing requirement that we all were facing, the good folks at Vebbler had eureka moment! *ding!* and I had the chance to meet the founder to know more about this soon to be launched application.
What does Vebbler do?
It is a photo sharing application. No, it is not other Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook etc. Vebbler is a highly personalized application which helps you to seamlessly share photographs among your groups may it be colleague, family, friends etc. So in simple words how these instant messaging applications replaced your text messenger – well, because they are so much better!. The same way Vebbler plans to replace your phone camera; so it lets you click high quality pictures using your phone and spontaneously share them with an existing group on Vebbler- Voila! No more “Please mail me last night’s pictures” – Now ain’t that super cool?
Even though Vebbler is a work in progress, the enthusiasm of the team and their go getter spirit is sure to make it big once they launch. Clearly they want to make everything as seamless as possible and by everything I mean EVERYTHING! While one get an early access to the application by following this link the same can be done by giving a missed call on 7305-955-955 – this way you can get a sneak peek on the the product before it is actually launched for the world to make photo sharing easy peasy. 
And if  that was not enough, the lovely people at Vebbler would be giving out special goodies as an early bird promotion- they know exactly how to please their customers, don’t they? So what are you waiting for? Show this tech start-up some love and support make in India by following them and trying out their app!
For now, I can not wait to pack my bags and go for a weekend getaway with my bunch of friends and say Bye Bye to all my photo sharing woes! Review on the application and more details on how does it work coming soon on the blog, stay tuned.
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