There are so many ways to explore this beautiful world, first we choose a medium and then the mode of transport. While the most common mode happens to be land and air, cruise ship remains the most popular one. And why should it not be? You experience the thrill of cruising through vast untamed oceans, luxuries offered at these mighty ships, waking up every morning to a new destination simply put it is traveling at its finest.
I have been planning a cruise trip since a while now, but have not been able to take one yet. So, I am bringing to you all a listicle of the must try cruises in 2016. Ready away! 🙂

  1. Carnival Cruise:
    Fun frolic and everything bright! Imagine living 13 days in a Carnival, because 1 day festivities are passe. This ship is  has hosts of facilities like SkyRide- a suspended, pedal-powered outdoor cycling experience; the first IMAX theater on a cruise ship; a raft-riding water tube slide; a dedicated zone for family staterooms; a brewer and more. It embarks it’s 10 to 13 days Mediterranean itineraries embark from Athens, Barcelona or Trieste.
  2. Comedy Cruise:
    They say laughter is the beast medicine and Travel is the best drug. Combine the two and you get- Comedy cruise! Where you would laugh your nights away; quite literally. With some of the funniest stand up comedians of Australia and the best of food this 3 night cruise can be caught from various ports of Australia- Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney for more such cruise holidays check out the CruiseAgency.
  3. Royal Cruise:
    The most renowned cruise – Royal Caribbean is one the biggest cruise ships. It has something for everyone – while children can enjoy rock-climbing walls, zip-lines, ice- and inline-skating, surf simulators, boxing rings, and basketball and volleyball courts. There are DJ lessons for teens, a teens only casino nights and a no-elders-allowed lounges where they can enjoy until past their parents’ bedtimes. This ship embarks its journey from a number of ports- in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane; in Asia: Singapore, HCMC, Phuket, Penang etc; in Europe: Barcelona, Rome.
  4. Adventure Cruise:
    Because we love to explore the less-explored destinations of earth. And exploring them on a cruise ship has its own thrills. Some of the exotic destinations include: Arctic- where the passengers sale through the groups of polar bear;  Antarctica- the ship has some of the most learned naturalists on-board who give mind blowing insights on evolution; other destinations include  Galapagos and Amazon.
  5. Food & Wine Cruise:
    One thing that sets a country apart from another is the cuisine and it happens to be one of the major factors for which we travel. To taste, smell and indulge in the flavors of a different country. One such country on my list is Australia (blame masterchef Australia ) the riot of flavors and  ingredients is just so rhythmic now pair them with some wine and relax as the time goes by. This one embarks from Australian ports of- Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland.

That was my 5 must try cruises in 2016, share your thoughts if you have been on any one of them. If not what are you waiting for? Book away!
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Happy Travelling!

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