There are plenty of ways to explore a city, having tried most of them, my favorite remains touring it on foot. Walking around a city of your interest on your pace- no pushy guides, no fixed plan to abide by, no hassle whatsoever. Erm, except for one! That is chalking out the walk which connects almost every point of interest and the worst READING A MAP!! But well, God bless advanced technology. 😀 We have applications to ease our work, I will quickly take you through the advantages of using an application to take on your next walking tour:

  1. You do not have to dig your nose in a paper map trying to tell east from west
  2. Say bye to expensive guides who charge a bomb for a walking tour!
  3. You are your own captain, WootWoot! Walk around at your own pace soaking the charm of the city one step at a time. Without taking in account the whole group.
  4. They work offline too! WHAT BETTER? no draining the battery and no need to spend $$ recharging that foreign SIM card (unless of course you are in a super smart city with WiFi everywhere)
  5. Inbuilt routes to choose from. So all you got to do is tap tap and walk.

And that my friend, is not all! There are so many ways such applications ease our travel plans. One such ever so useful app is GPSMyCity, I used the same towards the end of my Vietnam trip and regretted not knowing it in the start. Nevertheless, we learn from our mistakes. The app is available on iOS platform at $5, but, if you are planning to go to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam anytime soon I have got a bunch of this application to giveaway! Yes, you read it write. I fell in love with Vietnam in my first visit, and I wish to not only inspire others to visit that beautiful country but also ease your travels from whatever little I learned during mine. So, I ,in collaboration with GPSMyCity, am giving away a few vouchers to download the city walk application for free! All you got to do is answer these basic question concerning Vietnam, this will not only ensure how much you know about the country you plan to go to but also make you want to research and learn more. (You can read my stories for wee bit of help here) 🙂
Comment below with the question number and your answer along with your email-id (for me to mail the coupon code)
Q1. Which is the capital city of Vietnam?
Q2. Name one UNESCO world heritage site present in Vietnam.
Q3. What is the old name of Ho Chi Minh City?
Q4. Name one authentic Vietnamese dish.
So that is that! 4 simple questions to ease off your exploration. GOOD LUCK travelers.


  • Apurva

    October 14, 2015

    1- Hanoi
    2- Halong Bay
    3- Saigon
    4- Pho

  • Ankit Bohra

    October 14, 2015

    1. Hanoi
    2. Hoi An Ancient Town
    3. Sài Gòn
    4. BÁNH XÈO

  • Charollette

    October 21, 2015

    1. Hanoi
    2. Phong Nha ke bang
    3. Saigon
    4. Bahn Mi

  • tim matheson

    December 6, 2015

    2. Hoi An
    3. Saigon
    4. Pho


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