Dear Prague,

When did this even happen? When did I fall so deeply in love with you? Right before I met you I was still dreaming of Salzburg, how I needed to go back to that wonderful city. How I shouldn’t have been the Cinderella I was. But I guess, everything happens for a reason. I met you, Prague.

They ask me “What was it that took your heart away?” Though I don’t have one answer to that question. They press me to tell one highlight about you. And it is just impossible! But, I still like it. You know why? It takes me back. To you and your memories, Prague.

Remember the night, at the 200-year-old pub? I was learning about your favourite drink -Beer. The energy on the table was low, to begin with. But something about you and the air (and of course the dozen amazing beers we had!) what a fun night. The streets we walked, they were so full of life and energy. You presented me with street artists making art, music and comedy. The kinds I had never seen before and are not half as fun to watch on an idiot box.

You weren’t just a sweet talker but incredibly attractive too! Remember that morning? You promised that I was in for a surprise, asked me to get up at 6:00 AM. You know I am not a morning person, things you made me do! And I don’t regret that morning one bit. As we walked the cobbled path, I was a bit sleepy till I saw the Charles bridge in all its glory with no other human around. Swans flying, birds chirping, and that first rays of the sun glistening over river Vltava. With just us, it was our moment.

We walked for hours talking about architectural marvels, Mozart, your difficult past and philosophies of life. I told you how much I loved the brown roofs, and you showed me your secret spot to take that perfect picture. You showed me a little Venice far far away from Italy and building that dance! We ended that day with yet another gelato and the most delicious food.

Prague, you were a wonderful experience. 2 weeks and 6997 miles away, I wonder when will I see you next. If I visit your next winter will you show me all the Christmas markets, as you promised? As the famous Czech saying goes, patience brings roses.

Miluju tě, brzy se uvidíme.




  • Anita Maloo

    April 17, 2019

    Very very well narrated, tempting for a visit.

  • Sonu Agarwal

    April 23, 2019

    Uhh fell in love with your writing!

  • Nivedita Rathi

    May 5, 2020

    I was taken back to the lovely time I had in Prague! <3
    Quite Apt!


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